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Proxi-Chek offers a simple way for dentists to accurately mark the interproximal point of contact for adjustment, to ensure complete marginal seating, maximizing efficiency and leading to more predictable results. In addition, the easy grip handle is bendable, allowing the user maximum visibility when marking while placing a crown.

 Easy-grip handle is made to easily reach the posterior molars.
 Thin black film precisely marks points of contact to eliminate the guesswork in adjustments.
• Thin 19 micron film provides tactile feedback for interproximal fit.
• Handle bends at 90° for posterior crowns.
• Double-sided film marks both the tooth and the prosthesis.
• Single-patient-use

 By eliminating guess and check method of fitting a crown, using Proxi-Chek is more accurate, efficient, and reduces the risk of possible of over adjusting the crown.

45 per Pack