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BAUSCH OccluSense® System Kit

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The OccluSense®-System serves as an aid for recording and depicting of the occlusal conditions by presenting the pressure conditions of the contact points or the masticatory force distribution. The OccluSense® System is used just like traditional occlusion test materials. The masticatory pressure of the static as well as the dynamic occlusion can be recorded and then stored in the OccluSense® - iPad - App.

The OccluSense® System consists of the following components:

- Handheld
- Charging station including Power supply
- iPad App available in the Apple AppStore (BK 5100) (requires an Apple iPad [no medical device], not included)
- 1 test sensor
- 25 OccluSense®-Sensors
- OccluSense® Manual
- 3 NiMH rechargeable batteries
- 1 Screwdriver IP 6
- OccluSense® System Blue protective case